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Entries to the 2014 Enduro21.com ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship, powered by Husqvarna Motorcycles are now open.

As in previous years we’re operating an uncomplicated and effective entry system that requires riders to simply email in their details in order to be entered.

What we need is the below info, sent to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Once we’ve received the info we will email you confirmation that you entry has been received and accepted and give you your riding number. Proppa simple!

If you’re unsure what championship registration is all about, he’s the low-down. By letting us know you want to race the full series, and making a payment of £100.00 in addition to your rounds 1 and 2 entry fee when you sign on for the first event, you get the following…

NB: The £100.00 championship registration fee is essentially a £20 deposit for each of the five two-day events that follow rounds 1 and 2. All riders that pay for championship registration then only pay £100.00 per remaining two-day event. Championship registration costs no more than entering all six events separately, but you get the following benefits…

Permanent riding number for the year. We give you a number, you keep it for the year.

You don't need to book in for any other championship events – we’ll automatically enter you in to the next event, and the next, and the next…

You get gifts! We’ve not finalised exactly what each of the first 50 riders that signs up for championship registration will get, but it’ll be gifts well worth getting your hands on and likely worth in excess of £60.00.

If you’re unsure of anything please take a look at the FAQ section at www.enduro-sprint.com, or send us an email.


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