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The Enduro21.com ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship, powered by Husqvarna Motorcycles got off to a fantastic start at the prestigious Canada Heights venue where Husqvarna’s Pela Renet stole the show at rounds one and two, securing the Elite class win each day following two hard fought battles with Beta mounted Manxman Danny McCanney. In the Under 23 category Husqvarna’s Rob Johnson won both rounds while KTM’s Brad Freeman was one of the standout performers of the weekend, taking a pair of well-deserved victories in the Under 19 category.

With dry weather greeting the 120-strong rider entry, track conditions were near perfect at the Canada Heights venue. Utilising the spectacular sandy motocross track the surrounding woodlands, and mixing it with flowing grass fields, the opening rounds of the series proved to be exciting and enjoyable for all.

Using the event as final preparations for his assault on the Enduro 2 World Championship, Husqvarna’s Pela Renet didn’t fail to deliver in the Michelin Comp VI Elite class. Challenged hard by Beta’s Danny McCanney, the Frenchman was unquestionably made to work for his wins. Leading the way at round one, Renet fought tooth and nail with the Manxman to set the fastest time in seven of the day’s eight special tests, and in doing so secured a 13-second margin of victory. Repeating his win at round two, Renet secured the overall victory.

Proving to be very much on form McCanney pushed the Frenchman every step of the way. With little to separate the EWC regulars, the Beta rider narrowly missed out on the victory each day but nevertheless ended his weekend as a well-deserved runner-up.

Behind the leading duo the battle for the final step of the Elite podium was a four-rider affair with KTM’s Tom Sagar eventually claiming third. Slow to start round one, Sagar battled hard to work his way into contention. Moving ahead of Daryl Bolter (KTM) in the closing stages of the day, Sagar secured third. At round two Sagar found himself in a fight with Jack Rowland (Husqvarna). Separated by just two seconds entering the final special test, the KTM rider delivered a mistake free run to take third. Fifth at round one, Rowland was unable to get the better of Sagar at round two and had to settle for fourth. Improving on his eighth placed result at round one, Steve Holcombe (KTM) ended round two just four seconds behind Rowland in fifth.

Claiming a winning debut ride in the Husqvarna Under 23 category, Husqvarna’s Rob Johnson was victorious at both rounds. Taking control of the race lead on day one at the end of lap two, Johnson rode on to secure the win. Holding off TM’s Josh Gotts by three seconds, KTM mounted Frazer Norrie took second. At round two it was Norrie that led early on as Johnson struggled to overcome a crash on lap two. Slowly reducing the gap to Norrie, Johnson picked up his pace in the final stages to top the classification. Unable to hold off Johnson, Norrie chased him home for the runner-up result. Finishing two seconds behind the KTM rider, Gotts claimed third. Fourth at round one, KTM’s James Dent slipped back to fifth at round two. Ending round one in fifth, Fraser Flockhart (KTM) got the better of Dent at round two to take fourth.

In the Motul Under 19 category the weekend belonged to KTM mounted Brad Freeman. Setting a pace few could match the 17-year old easily won both rounds while also posting test times that would see him contest for a top three result in the outright standings. With Freeman controlling the race lead, Husqvarna’s Joe Wootton placed as runner-up both days. Recording a 3-3 scorecard, Lee Sealey (Husqvarna) secured the third step of the podium. Beta mounted Antoine Criq finished fourth while Jon Hunt (Sherco) was fifth at round one and Aaron Edwards (Beta) took fifth at round two.

Enjoying a perfect weekend at Canada Heights, KTM’s Jack Staines was untouchable in the Enduro21.com 125cc Youth class, easily winning both rounds. Alex Walton (KTM) edged out Jordan Ridgway (Husqvarna) for second at round one before Ridgway got the better of Walton at round two and took the runner-up result. Robbie Wallace (Yamaha) was fourth both days while Rob Armitage (Husqvarna) completed the top five.

TM’s Carl Brogden was the maximum man in the Amped Expert class as he raced to victory both days. Behind Brogden, Carl Jones (KTM) and Charlie Evans (KTM) scrapped it out for the runner-up result with Jones securing second place and pushing Evans back to third.

Tom Braddock (KTM) and Jamie Paget (Husqvarna) were fourth and fifth at round one. Improving one position, Paget took fourth while Sean Eckersley (KTM) ended round two in fifth.

In the Acerbis Expert Vets class Andrew Reeves (Beta) and Phil Lewis (KTM) traded wins. Reeves won round one with Lewis beating Reeves at round two to win. Geoff Walker (Husqvarna) was third at round one finishing ahead of Neil Bowker (KTM) and Lee Cornish (KTM) and Dave Coles (KTM). At round two Bowker was third with Richard Alldred (KTM) and Dave Coles (KTM) completing the top five.

At round one Gary Jones (KTM) topped the USWE Clubman Vets class ahead of Simon Ellway (KTM) and Keith Jones (KTM). Steve White (KTM) claimed the win at round two with Keith Jones and Andy Mariner (Husqvarna) rounding out the top three.

In the highly competitive DEP Pipes Clubman class, Reece Morewood (Yamaha) won both days. Jamie Jenkins (Beta) and Ross Bainbridge (KTM) completed the top three at round one with Jack Penhaligon (Husaberg) and Dean Goggins (KTM) placing second and third at round two.

Getting her season off to a perfect start Husqvarna’s Jane Daniels won both rounds of the TCX Women’s class. Katie Walker (KTM) was runner-up to Daniels each day with Rhian George (Husqvarna) taking third. Nieve Holmes (Honda), Hannah Styles (Sherco) and Jade Gordon (Husqvarna) completed the top six.

The Enduro21.com ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship, powered by Husqvarna Motorcycles continues with rounds three and four in Saints Well, Wales on April 26/27.


Results - Round 1


1. Pela Renet (Husqvarna) 47:58.35; 2. Danny McCanney (Beta) 48:11.48; 3. Tom Sagar (KTM) 49:25.70; 4. Daryl Bolter (KTM) 49:37.98; 5. Jack Rowland (Husqvarna) 49:42.78; 6. Fabien Planet (Sherco) 49:50.09; 7. Jamie Lewis (Husqvarna) 49:50.64; 8. Steve Holcombe (KTM) 49:52.73; 9. Romaine Dumontier (Yamaha) 50:06.47; 10. Lee Edmondson (Beta) 51:35.22; 11. Mark Roberts (KTM) 53:18.25; 12. Richard Ely (KTM) 53:55.35; 13. Kevin Murray (KTM) 54:38.79

Under 23

1. Rob Johnson (Husqvarna) 45:18.76; 2. Frazer Norrie (KTM) 45:43.39; 3. Josh Gotts (TM) 45:46.32; 4. James Dent (KTM) 46:13.87; 5. Fraser Flockhart (KTM) 46:26.10; 6. Jonathan Rowlands (Beta) 46:45.22; 7. Gary Daniels (Sherco) 47:13.96; 8. Max Varney (47:26.94; 9. Thomas Kirk (KTM) 48:36.58; 10. Ashley Bowden (KTM) 49:57.09; 11. Drew Slevin (Yamaha) 52:12.78; 12. Matthew Wright (KTM) 57:00.16

Under 19

1. Brad Freeman (KTM) 43:34.27; 2. Joe Wootton (Husqvarna) 44:38.96; 3. Lee Sealey (Husqvarna) 46:11.56; 4. Antoine Criq (Beta) 46:48.52; 5. Jon Hunt (Sherco) 47:37.83; 6. Charlie Frost (KTM) 47:39.27; 7. Andrew Bull (KTM) 48:03.25; 8. Luke Flack (Beta) 48:12.29; 9. Harvey Dark (KTM) 48:47.22; 10. Jake Morgan (KTM) 48:47.56; 11. Aaron Edwards (Beta) 49:04.38; 12. Lewis Bond (Yamaha) 52:00.03; 13. Luke Fletcher (KTM) 54:06.19; 14. Neil Bretherton (Husqvarna) 58:17.82

125 Youth

1. Jack Staines (KTM) 47:01.45; 2. Alex Walton (KTM) 53:26.31; 3. Jordan Ridgway (Husqvarna) 54:03.01; 4. Robbie Wallace (Yamaha) 54:44.58; 5. Rob Armitage (Husqvarna) 59:32.94;


1. Carl Brogden (TM) 45:53.26; 2. Carl Jones (KTM) 46:03.52; 3. Charlie Evans (KTM) 46:08.86; 4. Tom Braddock (KTM) 46:57.17; 5. Jamie Paget (Husaberg) 47:36.46; 6. Sean Eckersley (KTM) 48:06.07; 7. Aaron Smith (Beta) 48:23.17; 8. Dan Beaven (Sherco) 48:44.76; 9. Garin Rosser (KTM) 48:57.06; 10. Lee Green (KTM) 49:02.06; 11. James Burroughs (Husqvarna) 49:05.92; 12. James Jackman (Beta) 49:14.39; 13. Brad King (Kawasaki) 49:31.27; 14. Ross Sturmey (KTM) 49:49.25; 15. Dan Alldred (KTM) 50:34.86…

Expert Vet

1. Andrew Reeves (Beta) 48:49.15; 2. Phil Lewis (KTM) 49:44.35; 3. Geoff Walker (Husqvarna) 50:55.28; 4. Neil Bowker (KTM) 52:19.69; 5. Lee Cornish (KTM) 54:41.72; 6. Dave Coles (KTM) 1:07:00.48

Clubman Vet

1 Gary Jones (KTM) 55:51.84; 2. Simon Ellway (KTM) 57:19.66; 3. Keith Jones (KTM) 57:52.02; 4. Darren Jones (Sherco) 59:06.40; 5. Rob Giles (Gas Gas0 1:07:00.52


1. Reece Morewood (Yamaha) 50:05.38; 2. Jamie Jenkins (Beta) 50:53.87; 3. Ross Bainbridge (KTM) 51:10.82; 4. Jack Penhaligon (Husaberg) 51:28.90; 5. Dean Goggins (KTM) 51:45.40; 6. Kyle Jacobs (Husqvarna) 52:29.27; 7. Chris Bennetto (Sherco) 52:46.68; 8. Richard Holmes (KTM) 53:19.77; 9. Dean Reid (KTM) 53:27.11; 10. Ross Hamilton (KTM) 53:36.83; 11. Liam Thomas (KTM) 53:54.26; 12. Joe Robson (KTM) 54:48.89; 13. Tony Revell (KTM) 54:59.81; 14. Donovan Pearce (KTM) 55:22.64; 15. James Meston (KTM) 55:57.42…


1. Jane Daniels (Husqvarna) 49:50.48; 2. Katie Walker (KTM) 54:12.93; 3. Rhian George (Husqvarna) 55:12.16; 4. Nieve Holmes (Honda) 56:07.54; 5. Hannah Styles (Sherco) 57:05.28; 6. Jade Gordon (Husqvarna)

Results - Round 2


1. Pela Renet (Husqvarna) 51:38.07; 2. Danny McCanney (Beta) 51:48.75; 3. Tom Sagar (KTM) 53:01.38; 4. Jack Rowland (Husqvarna) 53:12.70; 5. Steve Holcombe (KTM) 53:22.80; 6. Jamie Lewis (Husqvarna) 53:26.49; 7. Romaine Dumontier (Yamaha) 53:29.95; 8. Daryl Bolter (KTM) 53:56.43; 9. Mark Roberts (KTM) 55:23.27; 10. Lee Edmondson (Beta) 55:37.64; 11. Richard Ely (KTM) 57:59.32; 12. Kevin Murray (KTM) 58:16.19

Under 23

1. Rob Johnson (Husqvarna) 49:04.34; 2. Frazer Norrie (KTM) 49:12.42; 3. Josh Gotts (TM) 49:14.39; 4. Fraser Flockart (KTM) 49:26.81; 5. James Dent (KTM) 49:38.89; 6. Gary Daniels (Sherco) 50:59.77; 7. Jonathan Rowlands (Beta) 51:08.00; 8. Max Varney (Yamaha) 51:38.41; 9. Thomas Kirk (KTM) 52:05.91; 10. Ashley Bowden (KTM) 53:13.16; 11. Drew Slevin (Yamaha) 55:00.67

Under 19

1. Brad Freeman (KTM) 46:24.18; 2. Joe Wootton (Husqvarna) 48:03.04; 3. Lee Sealey (Husqvarna) 49:26.83; 4. Antoine Criq (Beta) 50:03.34; 5. Aaron Edwards (Beta) 50:37.18; 6. Charlie Frost (KTM) 51:12.82; 7. Jon Hunt (Sherco) 51:19.02; 8. Andrew Bull (KTM) 51:30.44; 9. Harvey Dark (KTM) 52:19.90; 10. Luke Flack (Beta) 54:51.80; 11. Aaron Copeland (KTM) 55:17.89; 12. Jacob Bowden (KTM) 55:18.81; 13. Lewis Bond (Yamaha) 55:26.89; 14. Luke Fletcher (KTM) 55:49.01; 15. Jake Morgan (KTM) 57:17.47; 16. Neil Bretherton (Husqvarna) 1:00:16.33

125 Youth

1. Jack Staines (KTM) 50:30.51; 2. Jordan Ridgway (Husqvarna) 53:59.28; 3. Alex Walton (KTM) 55:36.71; 4. Robbie Wallace (Yamaha) 59:28.12; 5. Rob Armitage (Husqvarna) 1:05:17.07


1. Carl Brogden (TM) 49:04.08; 2. Carl Jones (KTM) 49:24.70; 3. Charlie Evans (KTM) 49:37.68; 4. Jamie Paget (Husqvarna) 51:02.20; 5. Sean Eckersley (KTM) 51:10.14; 6. Brad King (Kawasaki) 51:15.96; 7. Aaron Smith (Beta) 51:17.60; 8. Garin Rosser (KTM) 51:46.06; 9. Dan Beaven (Sherco) 52:17.91; 10. James Jackman (Beta) 52:18.56; 11. Ross Sturmey (KTM) 52:26.56; 12. Dan Alldred (KTM) 52:41.93; 13. Lee Green (KTM) 52:43.43; 14. James Burroughs (Husqvarna) 53:10.06; 15. Philip Cooper (KTM) 54:27.44…

Expert Vet

1. Phil Lewis (KTM) 52:46.04; 2. Andrew Reeves (Beta) 53:07.24; 3. Neil Bowker (KTM) 55:40.84; 4. Richard Alldred (KTM) 59:07.96; 5. Dave Coles (KTM) 59:45.30

Clubman Vet

1. Steve White (KTM) 58:58.80; 2. Keith Jones (KTM) 59:47.35; 3. Andy Mariner (Husqvarna) 1:08:37.73; 4. Steve Kenworthy (Gas Gas) 1:09:32.53


1. Reece Morewood (Yamaha) 53:43.16; 2. Jack Penhaligon (Husaberg) 53:52.36; 3. Dean Goggins (KTM) 54:22.36; 4. Jamie Jenkins (Beta) 54:51.86; 5. Chris Bennetto (Sherco) 54:53.68; 6. Ross Bainbridge (KTM) 55:08.01; 7. Jesse Say (Honda) 55:29.06; 8. Dean Reid (KTM) 56:25.68; 9. Ross Hamilton (KTM) 56:29.56; 10. Kyle Jacobs (Husqvarna) 56:40.18; 11. Tony Revell (KTM) 56:46.31; 12. Liam Thomas (KTM) 57:37.34; 13. Joe Robson (KTM) 58:08.06; 14. Hugh Barker (KTM) 1:00:02.58; 15. Simon Bird (Husqvarna) 1:01:13.80…


1. Jane Daniels (Husqvarna) 53:57.97; 2. Katie Walker (KTM) 56:22.56; 3. Rhian George (Husqvarna) 57:17.52; 4. Nieve Holmes (Honda) 57:57.24; 5. Hannah Styles (Sherco) 59:34.30; 6. Jade Gordon (Husqvarna) 1:00:01.20