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UPDATED FOR 2014… To better explain what the British Sprint Enduro Championship is all about, what riders and spectators can expect on race day, what classes there are, and how the ‘sprint’ format works we’ve put together a Frequently Asked Questions section…

NEW FOR 2014

  • BSEC returns to an all two-day championship.
  • New Venues – Canada Heights, Black Dog Woods, East Coast MX & Enduro
  • One-day entry possible for all classes at all events
  • Simplified entry system
  • Prizes (plaques & product) at all events

Rnd 1&2 - March 22/23 - Canada Heights, Kent, BR8 8DX

Rnd 3&4 - April 26/27 - Saint's Well, Powys, LD1 6PT

Rnd 5&6 - May 24/25 - Chavenage Farm, Gloucestershire, GL8 8XU

Rnd 7&8 - June 21/22 - Westwood, South Yorkshire, S75 3DL

Rnd 9&10 - July 26/27 - Black Dog Woods, Wiltshire, BA13 4AE

Rnd 11&12 - October 4/5 - East Coast MX & Enduro, Lincolnshire, PE25 1LQ

I’d like to race, how do I enter?

It’s simple, email the info below to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we’ll get you entered. We’ll send you a confirmation email and an entry form, which we’d like you to print off and bring with you, with the entry fee, to the event.


Rider name:



Bike & capacity:

Team name/sponsor:

ACU Licence#: (if you don't have one you can purchase a one-event licence)

Mobile contact number:

Championship series registration: YES/NO

What is the British Sprint Enduro Championship?

The BSEC is Europe’s leading sprint enduro series. Promoted and organised by GMC Events Ltd, it’s sanctioned by the ACU, which means guaranteed official British Championship title winners. Following four successful season of racing for 2014 the series will consist of six two-day events ensuring 12 rounds of racing. Staring in March the series will reach its conclusion in early October. The BSEC series is suited to both enduro and motocross riders and also welcomes cross-country and trials riders looking to try something new.

What’s the format for each event?

The British Sprint Enduro Championship uses a simple and easy to understand format. All competitors ride one special test between seven to nine times at each round of the series. Riders simply go from the pit area (paddock) to a waiting zone and from there head to the start area before completing each lap. Riders set off at 20-30 second intervals, so everyone gets a clear lap. Once a test is completed it’s back to the pit area. When the last rider finishes a lap the first starts the next. Riders will have about 30 minutes to ready themselves between laps. There’s certainly no hanging around!

How many laps of the special tests will each rider complete?

Seven to nine laps will be completed each day by each rider. Eight laps might not sound like much but with each test being approximately 10 minutes in length it’s equal to roughly half a club motocross race each time out! A total of one-and-a-half hours of racing is what every competitor can expect on any given day.

The special test (lap) will be run in the reverse direction on the second day of each weekend i.e. the special test for round two will be the reverse of round one.

Do I have to be an experienced enduro or motocross rider to compete?

Not at all. The minimum requirement is that a competitor is 15 years old. After that it doesn’t matter if you’re an enduro rider or a motocross rider of world championship standard or a club racer, you’re welcome to compete. For 2013 Clubman and Expert Vets classes were introduced alongside the six established classes. The BSEC won’t feature any ‘trail time’. It’s all about exciting special test racing.

How many classes are there, which one should I compete in?

There are nine classes in total...

Michelin Elite class – Is designed for experienced and international level enduro and motocross riders and top-flight national competitors. The Elite class is ‘unlimited’ meaning there are no capacity sub-classes.

Husqvarna Motorcycles Under 23 class – As the title suggests this is the class for all riders Under 23. It will have a large mix of abilities so no matter if you’re an up and coming young enduro or motocross racer, new to the sport, or have even been a member of the British ISDE Junior Trophy Team, this is the class for you. The Under 23 class will feature Enduro 1, Enduro 2 and Enduro 3 sub classes.

All competitors Under 23 must enter into the Under 23 class. Riders must be Under 23 on Jan 1st of year of competition.

Motul Under 19 class – The Under 19 class has been introduced to encourage younger riders to compete, proving extremely popular in 2011. Giving Under 19 year old competitors a class of their own, like the Under 23 class it will feature a large mix of abilities. The Under 19 class will feature Enduro 1, Enduro 2 and Enduro 3 sub classes, but the Enduro 1 class will be for 250cc four strokes only… read on to find out why!

All riders Under 19 must enter into the Under 19 class. Riders must be Under 19 on January 1st in the year of competition.

Enduro21.com 125cc Youth Cup – Introduced in 2012 the 125cc Youth Cup follows the lead set by the Enduro World Championship and the FIM in introducing a class specifically for Under 19 year old competitors mounted on 125cc or smaller machinery. 125s are great, and affordable, machines on which to learn but largely uncompetitive against 250 four strokes, which is why we feel it's important to give them their own class.

The 125cc Youth Cup is open to all riders Under 19 years of age competing on machinery no bigger than 125cc. Riders must be Under 19 on January 1st in the year of competition.

Amped Expert class – Is where all, non-Elite, enduro, motocross and cross-country racers, of all abilities, will compete. It won’t necessarily be like the Expert class of the BEC. The Expert class is where riders should compete if they don’t want to try and qualify for the Elite class and/or are older than 23. Serious Clubman riders are welcome to compete in this class, as several have in past seasons. 

Acerbis Expert Vets – Expert class riders aged 40 and over will compete in the Clubman Vets class.

DEP Clubman class – Clubman class riders will be able to compete in all rounds of the championship, either on a one-day basis (Saturday or Sunday), or on both days.

USWE Clubman Vets – Clubman riders aged 40 and over will be able to compete in the Clubman Vets class.

TCX Women’s class – Women competitors will compete in their own class. No matter what the age of female riders they compete together in their own class. The Women’s class is ‘unlimited’ meaning there are no capacity sub-classes. Competitors can ride a 125cc two-stroke or a 610cc four-stroke

Riders in all classes will complete the same number of laps. In some circumstances ‘extreme’ sections might be removed for some classes on occasional or all laps. Elite class riders may be required to complete back-to-back marathon laps.

Can I compete on a Saturday but not on a Sunday, or vice versa, during the two-day events?

Yes. Riders in all classes can opt to compete on one or both days at any given event. Each day of the BSEC series are separate point scoring days. Two-day events are two separate rounds of the championship.

How does the BSEC differ to the traditional British Enduro Championship?

As we’ve said before the BSEC uses a very simple format. There’s no time cards, complicated rules, or far away fuel points – everything happens on site. It’s simply about special test racing, against the clock, which ensures a great event for riders and their supporters.

The biggest difference is that everything happens in one location. Once you arrive and park up in the paddock that’s where you stay all day. You’ll be a stone’s throw away from the start/finish of the course and from there the track is easily accessible. There’ll be exciting action going on throughout the day.

Do I need to walk the special test before the event, on Friday/Saturday?

That’s entirely up to the individual. Obviously, the more serious you are the greater the likelihood that’s what you’ll want to do. But it’s not essential. We understand that taking time off work isn’t always easy, which is why all events will feature an un-timed sighting lap first thing, both days. If you do want to look at the special test beforehand you’re free and welcome to do so from mid-day Friday before the event.

Do riders have to stick to a time schedule?

Yes and no. Yes, because we need to keep the day moving. No, not like you do at a traditional enduro – there are no time checks to clock into. Once at the event and having completed signing on riders will then be informed when the sighting lap and racing starts. It is however the competitor’s responsibility to arrive at the waiting area on time for each new lap.

What are the courses like?

They’re all different but all have certain things in common – they feature a mixture of different terrain, are safe, challenging and enjoyable, as well as being clearly and professionally marked out. Check out the Event List section of the website for more detailed information on each venue, and take a look at some of the event videos.

Do I need an enduro bike?

No, not necessarily. Both enduro and motocross bikes can be used, but riders competing on four-stroke machines are not permitted to use ‘open silencer’ aftermarket motocross exhaust systems. If you’re planning on racing a motocross four-stroke we’d prefer it if you fitted and used an enduro silencer. Bikes don’t need to be road registered as no part of the course uses public highways. Bikes do not have to have lights fitted.

Is there an overnight parc ferme?

No, there isn't an overnight parc ferme. As soon as you've finished the final test on Saturday your bike stays with you, to take home, work on at the track, whatever. Then you simple ride it to the start on Sunday morning. Also, between each lap you'll get roughly 30 minutes to rest/drink/eat/check your bike over. 

What if I’m still unsure about a few things?

Get in contact with us and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions. Also check out the videos on the home page, they should make understanding the format a little easier. It’s really not complicated at all…

Contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it