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Final Instructions: Enduro21.com ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship 2014

Rnds 7&8: Westwood, near Sheffield, S75 3DL

Permit Number - ACU 40852 EMN 30/182

We kindly request that no vehicles arrive until 12.00 (Mid day) on Friday, April 5th.


-        ACU licences will be checked at signing on, along with entry forms. Riders who do not have/show a valid ACU licence will have to purchase a one-event licence.

-        All competitors are required to have a 2kg (Min) Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher.

-        The use of tear offs is not permitted.

On behalf of GMC Events Ltd it is our pleasure to supply you with these final instructions for rounds seven and eight of the 2014 Enduro21.com ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship, powered by Husqvarna Motorcycles at Westwood, near Sheffield. We hope you have a safe, enjoyable and successful weekend.

It is a rider’s responsibility to keep his bike safe and secure during the event. Rider’s bikes are left in the paddock area at their own risk. Members of the general public will be among those in attendance.

·       As a matter of safety any rider that goes off the track (through the tapes) MUST return to the track in exactly the same place, no matter how much time is lost.

·       When in competition please remember the unwritten rule of enduro – if you have been caught by another rider they may well be faster than you. Please play fairly and let them past. It’s in your best interest.

Venue: The start area will be sign posted off the A61 (J36 of the M1). Shortly after getting onto the A61, on the west side of the M1, signposts will direct you to the event. Please note that venue can not be entered directly from either the A61 or the A616. Nearest available Postcode: S75 3DL

Signing on: Signing on will take place on Friday, June 20th between 13.00 and 5.30pm, then again on Saturday and Sunday mornings between 8.00am and 8.30 am. Please ensure all competitors have a current and valid ACU licence (if not you will need to purchase a one-day licence - £10.00). Riders Under 18 will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian, as both need to sign the entry form.

Course: The course is forest based, with a small area of grass track. The special test can be viewed, on foot, from 12 mid-day on Friday.

Parking & camping: Overnight competitor camping on Friday and Saturday is permitted. Please ensure all generators are switched off by 10.30pm. Drinking water will NOT be available on site.  Please use the skip provided and/or take your rubbish home.

Rider’s numbers: Riders must provide their own numbers. These must be easily visible on all three sides.

Scrutineering: Competitor’s machines will be examined as they enter the waiting area prior to the start of the sighting lap. Numbers must be clearly displayed on all three sides of your bike. Clutch and brake levers must have ball ends and your throttle must be self-returning. Riders of any bikes deemed to be excessively noisy during the sighting lap will be asked to make their bikes quieter – fit new exhaust system, re-pack silencer, etc. Please ensure your helmet has the approved ACU transfer.

Sighting lap: Starts at 9.00am prompt. Please ensure you are in the waiting area prior to 9.00am. The special test will then be open for one sighting lap. This will allow all riders to familiarise themselves with the track. During practice all riders will be on track together. Be respectful of other riders, it is not a race.

Lap start times: The approximate start time for each lap will be displayed at the race office/event notice board. The organisers will make a paddock announcement prior to the start of each lap. It is the rider’s responsibility to ensure he/she is in the waiting area in good time prior to the start of any given lap.

Waiting zone: Only riders and one designated person per rider are allowed into the waiting area, both must wear the appropriate wristband issued.

Start: Riders will start each special test as they would a test in any other enduro event. From the waiting area you will be directed to the start line where you will await instruction from the starter. Once in position and signalled to do so you are free to start. Riders will start at 20-second intervals. Listen to the instructions of officials and do not delay your start – we need to keep the event moving.

Refuelling: Riders will return to their pit area after each special test. Please refuel your bikes on either an environmental or work mat. If you change engine/gearbox oil take the old oil home with you. Oil drained directly onto the ground, from any bike entered into the event, will result in associated rider(s) being disqualified from the event.

Breakdowns: If a rider breaks down and is unable to complete any given lap he/she will be awarded the time of the slowest rider in class, for that lap, plus two minutes (120 seconds). Riders are free to receive outside assistance (pushing) in order to get bikes back to the pits. While in competition riders will be excluded for accepting outside assistance, in the form of tools or spare parts, anywhere on the track.

Accidents: If you do get injured please report it to an event official. First Aid staff will be in attendance. If you pass a fallen/injured rider please report it to an event official as soon as you complete your lap.

Refreshments & Toilets: Toilet facilities and a food van will be on site throughout the weekend.

Smoking: No smoking is permitted within the pit area at any time.

Course Cutting: Trusted event officials and track marshals will be situated around the full length of the course. Any rider reported to the Clerk of the Course for course cutting will be excluded from the event. If you run off the track for any reason you must return to the track in exactly the same place you left it (provided it is safe to do so).

Results: Close to the start/finish of the special test there will be an Michelin Event Notices Tent. The results of each lap will be displayed here. This will ensure all riders know their current position at the start of each lap.

Blue tape restricted speed area: The entire paddock area is considered a ‘blue tape’ area whether marked as such or not. Riders must not exceed walking pace. The penalty for failing to comply is disqualification.

Penalties: Information on all penalties can be found in the Sprint Enduro Championship Regulations

Retirement: If you retire from the event you must inform a race official immediately.

We won’t tolerate: Any aggressive or abusive behaviour. Keep it friendly so everyone can enjoy themselves. Also, under no circumstances is anyone allowed close to, or into, the time keeping area without the permission of an event official. Any other unsporting behaviour will also result in exclusion.

If, having read these final instructions, you have any questions please email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it